Оver 900 participants on sambo/judo camp in Moscow

The traditional open training camp for sambo and judo took place at the “SAMBO-70” Sports and Education Center from January 3 to 6. According to the organizers, over 900 participants from 8 countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, France, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Russia) applied for training in Moscow.

According to the press service of the Center for Sports and Education, every year it is gaining more and more popularity, and the number of people wishing to take part in it is growing steadily.

Renat Layshev, Director General of the “SAMBO-70” Sports and Education Center, gave a welcoming speech at the opening of the training camp. He greeted all those who arrived on New Year’s holidays:


“It is a great honor for us to host so many athletes. This year is special for us: “SAMBO-70” is 50 years old. We will be glad to see all of you at our place throughout the year. I want to wish you good training and experience. I feel the power and real strength of the fighters, masters of their craft, who are now standing on the mat,” Layshev said.

Participants were also invited to join the charity event “Fighters for good” – “Boxes of Courage” and the box “Mother’s Joy”, initiated by Marianna Aliyeva, an International Class Master of Sports in SAMBO.

Source: sambo.sport

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