11th European Shotokan Championships to be held in Macedonia

The 11th European Shotokan Championships will be held on November 1-3 in Skopje, Macedonia.

The event will take place at “VIP ARENA Boris Trajkovski Sports hall” in the country’s capital city. The competition is being organized by WSF (World Shotokan Federation).

The world championships will be including competitions for all age groups – children, cadets, juniors, seniors, and veterans. The categories are Kata Kumite Individual and Team Male and Female

-Shobu Ippon (2 Points) Kumite

-Shobu Sanbon (3 Points) Kumite

-WKF Kumite Categories

All registrations for the upcoming event must be done until October 25 only via www.sportdata.org

You can find more information about the event HERE.


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