2019 World Judo Championship – all the medalists

The 2019 World Judo Championships are now in the history books, as the event took place from August 25-31 in Tokyo, Japan.

879 judokas from 150 countries took part in this year’s judo biggest event of 2019, separated in 7 weight categories. 528 men and 351 women gathered together in the place where next year’s Olympic games are set to take place.

We already gave you the winners and the runners up from the first four days (HERE & HERE). Now let’s take a look at the results that occurred in the final days of the competition.

-90 kg Men                                                                 

1. Noel Van T End (NED)

2. Shoichiro Mukai (JPN)

3. Alex Clerget (FRA)

4. Nemanja Majdov(SRB)

-70 kg Women

1. Marie Eve Gahie (FRA)

2. Barbara Timo (POR)

3. Sally Conway (GBR)

4. Margaux Pinot (FRA)

-100 kg Men

1. Jorge Fonseca (POR)

2. Niyaz Ilyasov (RUS)

3. Michael Korrel (NED)

4. Aaron Wolf (JPN)

-78 kg Women

1. Madeleine Malonga (FRA)

2. Shori Hamada (JPN)

3. Loriana Kuka (KOS)

4. Mayra Aguiar (BRA)

+100 kg Men

1. Lukas Kraplek (CZE)

2. Hisayoshi Harasawa (JPN)

3. Minjong Kim (KOR)

4. Roy Meyer (NED)

+78 kg Women

1. Akira Sone (JPN)

2. Idalysortiz (CUB)

3. Kayra Sayit (TUR)

4. Sarah Asahina (JPN)

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