2019 World Judo Championships – medalists from Day 3&4

Day 3 and 4 from the 2019 World Judo Championships are in the books, as the event is still going in Tokyo, Japan.

In case you missed the medalist from the first couple days, you can check them out HERE. Slowly, but surely, the categories are moving up.

Yesterday was time for -71 kg among the men and -57 kg among women. In the -71 kilos category Shohei Ono from Japan claimed gold following his victory over Rustam Orujov (Azerbaidjan) in the final. Meanwhile, Canada’s Christa Deguchi won the gold medal in the -57 kg, defeating Tsukasa Yoshida (Japan).

Image: БТА

Day 4 was time for two of the most competitive categories – under 81 kilograms for males and under 63 kg for females.

Sagi Muki from Israel captured the first place in the -81 kg after he beat Matthias Casse from Belgium. Minutes before that, Clarisse Agbegnenou had defeated the homegirl Miku Tashiro in the final of the -63 kg.

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