2019 World Judo Championships – Top 20 Ippons (VIDEO)

The 2019 World Judo Championships is in the books now, as the event produced one of the most memorable moments in judo for 2019.

879 judokas from 150 countries took part in this year’s judo biggest event, separated into 7 weight categories. 528 men and 351 women gathered together in the place where next year’s Olympic games are set to take place. New champions were crowned and a lot of hard work got paid.

Check out the Top 20 Ippons that took place in Japan, performed by some of the best judokas in the world.

20. Lien Chen-Ling (TPE), -57 kg (W)

19. Georgios Markarian (GRE), -73 kg

18. Sagi Muki (ISR), -81 kg, 1st place

17. Kachakorn Warasiha (THA),  -52 kg (W)

16. Simeon Catharina (NED), -100 kg

15. Shohei Ono (JPN), -73 kg, 1st place

14. Christa Deguchi (CAN), -57 kg (W), 1st place

13. Jorge Fonseca (POR), -100 kg, 1st place

12. Baruch Shmailov (ISR), -66 kg

11. Lele Nairne (GBR), -57 kg (W)

10. Shohei Ono (JPN)

9. Dominic Ressel (GER), -81 kg, 7th place

8. Beatriz Souza (BRA), +78 kg, (W), 5th place

7. Noel Van T End (NED), -90 kg, 1st place

6. Hifumi Abe (JPN), -66 kg, 3rd place

5. Uta Abe (JPN), -52 kg, (W), 1st place

4. Ben Fletcher (IRL), -100 kg

3. Joshiro Maruyama (JPN), -66 kg, 1st place

2. Distria Krasniqi (KOS), -48 kg (W), 3rd place

1. Shoichiro Mukai (JPN), -90 kg, 2nd place

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