3 hip mobility stretching exercises you should be doing

Dr. Andreo spina demonstrates hip opening sequence you can use to help increase your hip mobility, and your functional fitness. These hip stretches will open your hips and increase your mobility.

| Hip Mobility Exercises | 90/90 Hip Stretch

To get into the 90/90 position, your lead leg should be directly in front of you, bent to 90 degrees. Line it up with your heel. The trail leg should be to the side also be bent to 90 degrees, with the heel lining up with the back leg. When you’re in the position, extend your back. Try to get your belly button to hover over your knee. If you lean forward keeping your chest up high, you’ll get a deep stretch in your lead leg. What you’re stretching here is the gluteus minimus muscle 90/90 Trail leg Stretch From the same position, you can work on the trail leg. You’re going to work it into an internal rotation position. Put your hands on your chest. Square yourself off with the trail leg. If you can’t, post your arm behind you and walk yourself into the position. This stretch is a good indicator of hip health. If you can’t get into this position or if you have a pinching pain in this position, you should talk with a professional to make sure there’s nothing intrinsically wrong.

Hinge: Keep all of your weight on your back leg. Post up on the toe, swing the leg open and keep the lead leg down as long as you can. Point your toes down and swing your leg back up to bring your hip back into internal position. After a few reps, do a 90/90 transfer so you end up in the same position on the opposite side.

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