Flashback: 4th Kyokushin World Open Tournament Final (VIDEO)

Boec.COM has the honor to present to you some of the most memorable vintage Kyokushin fights that ever happened. This flashback to the most exciting old school fights is carefully selected from our editors.

Yes, we’re talking about the final battles of the biggest competition in Karate Kyokushin – the World Open Karate Championship.

Some of the biggest legends have participated in the tournament – Makoto Nakamura, Kenji Midori, Akiyoshi Matsui, Ewerton Teixeira, Andy Hug, Zahari Damyanov and many, many more.

The first tournament took place in 1975, but we’re starting with the final bout from 1987. 207 competitors from 77 countries took part in the event, but only two made it to the final. Japan’s Akiyoshi Matsui squared off with Switzerland’s Andy Hug in the 4th Kyokushin World Open Tournament Final.

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