7 Types Of People You’ll Likely To Encounter At A Martial Arts Training Camp

If you are planning to join a martial arts training soon, I suggest you observe those you meet in the camp. You will notice a few people with specific traits which will help you in understanding their preferences and their personalities.

While you might not fully agree with me, truth be told, all martial arts trainees fall into one category or the other. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out more!

Here are the 7 types of people you’re bound to meet at a martial arts training camp:

The Endorphin Junkies

These martial arts enthusiasts are best known for their high testosterone levels. Endorphin junkies are full of that unbeatable energy and positive attitude and know-how to channel their energy in the right direction to be on top of their game all the time. They work out to be in their best physical self and attend 2-3 martial arts classes every day – no matter what.

The Permanent Residents

Martial artists who live, eat, and sleep in the camp would fall under this category. For them, the camp serves as a second home. For many, they have much devoted to the discipline(s) they’ve chosen that they prefer living in the camp rather than in their own homes. Addiction is what some people call it, but for them, it’s their life!

The BJJ Lover

BJJ lovers are obsessed with their training

As the name of the category suggests, these people are those completely dedicated to – or dare I say – obsessed with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). They have their eyes set on their goals and try to achieve them with absolute diligence. As a newcomer, the BJJ practitioners do face a lot of humiliation every time they step on the ground. But this makes them even more determined to face difficult opponents and situations. These warriors are always busy watching videos related to new techniques and live by three principles: courage, benevolence, and politeness.

The ‘Green’ Men

Men with the ‘right’ eating habits can also be spotted in a martial arts training camp. They know the details of nutrition and the amount of food that they should be eating daily. They indulge in a diet regime that is good for digestion, increases energy, and is good for overall health. A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter keeps himself clean by using products such as body cleansing wipes, to refresh themselves after training. This ensures that they don’t fall sick and lose the edge they already achieved through the maintenance of good habits and hygiene.

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