8th WKFC Seminar Program (VIDEO)

WKFC’s second Seminar Program gathered a diverse group of renowned kungfu experts to present lectures and training sessions.

They were enthusiastically attended by hundreds of participants looking to expand their knowledge and skills. Foreign and Chinese participants mingled enthusiastically, offering one of the best opportunities at the WKFC for friendship and cultural exchange.

Wushu experts included: Lianzhi Wu teaching Bajiquan, Jiamin Gao teaching 24-Form Simplified Taijiquan, Chong Ping Ong teaching Taijiquan, Chun Wah Lai teaching Hung Gar, Yuefeng Zheng teaching Shaolin, Lei Man Lam teaching Chen Taijiquan, Tiancai Zhu teaching Cultivation in Taiji and Taijiquan’s Silk Reeling, You Bin Zhao teaching Taijiquan, Sun Yongtian teaching Taijiquan, Zuohui Wen teaching Emeishan Wushu, Kwong Kuen Mak teaching Wing Chun, and Chien Tou Kao teaching Taiji Diagrams.

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