A lot of challenges for the karatekas in Kamchia in the morning session

The Kyokushin karate morning training session on Wednesday at the KWU International Summer Camp in Kamchia turned out to be very fun, but also challenging.

The event, which this year gathered over 1,200 participants from 29 countries, is organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation and the Kyokushin World  Union.

At exactly 7 o’clock, the hundreds of karatekas and coaches were divided into nine groups and without much fuss began to warm up with their instructors.

Among them were Shihan Antonio Pinero (9th dan), who is president of the Kyokushin World Federation (KWF), and Shihan Andrzej Drewniak (9th dan), general secretary of the same organization. They both are part of the board of the KWU and worked with the most experienced among the participants – mostly coaches and black belts.

The number of trainees was so large that a large group had to go to the beach to conduct their activity. It was led by the national coaches – Sensei Zahari Damyanov and Sensei Petar Martinov, as well as the popular Czech fighter Jan Soukup.

They showed some nice exercises on the sand, which were aimed at endurance and work with muscle groups.

The exercises were not only varied, but also quite challenging and fun.

Most of them had a competitive element, while others involved working in pairs.

There were also non-traditional exercises in the groups on the main field. Many of the tasks turned out to be almost impossible for the fighters, but they caused a lot of smiles and good mood.

Many of the younger fighters said that performing the exercises was more difficult than they seemed from the side.

Training will continue until Sunday, July 11. I have two karate practitioners a day – morning and evening training.

The first European Amateur Open Championship of the KWU Professional League starts in Kamchia on Thursday, and on Saturday (July 10th) is the ninth edition of the elite SENSHI fight nights.

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