A massacre: Strongmen champions in a MMA fight (VIDEO)

Mariusz Pudzianowski faced off against former strongman rival Tyberiusz Kowalczyk in an MMA fight and it ended up being a bloody affair.

The fight occured in the Polish based MMA organisation KSW back in May 2017.

It was held in Warsaw in front of 58,000 rabid fans who wanted to see the former strongmen duke it out.

The opening minute of the first round would have you think the fight will be a strategic one with calculated strikes despite the size of both men.

However, with 90 seconds left of the first round remaining, the pair begin slugging one another with unbelievable pace and power.

Pudzianowski gets Kowalczyk cornered and the 40-year-old begins to aimlessly swing while Pudzianowski lands brutal lefts and rights to the face.

In the second round Kowalczyk manages to land a shot on his opponent but that seems to send the former five time strongman into an unstoppable striking machine.

Pudzianowski manages to land a shot that sends Kowalczyk down to the mat and he begins to unload on his opponent and leave him in a bloody mess.

The referee steps in after a minute of this to award ‘The Dominator’ a second round submission victory.

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