Adrien Broner walks out of virtual press conference, blames Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza for not taking him seriously

Today marked the opening press event for Adrien Broner’s next fight against Omar Figueroa on August 20, and it was a short appearance for Broner who didn’t stay long after expressing some of his displeasure. Most of Broner’s criticism was in the direction of Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza for not putting together a bigger event for the presser — as opposed to this virtual conference call — and he let that be known in no uncertain terms.

“I’m gonna be 100% honest with you,” Broner said. “I ain’t with none of this shit that they got going on. I feel like Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza is bullshittin’ because why is we doing a press conference on a computer? They don’t do Floyd’s shit on the computer when he fight a YouTuber. They don’t do nobody else shit on a computer but they want to do my shit on a computer, so that telling me they don’t give a fuck about me. So when you say it’s fuck me, it’s fuck ya’ll.

“Anybody can see it. At this point ya’ll bullshittin’. Ya’ll been supposed to make this fight. Ya’ll given us dates, you keep pushing our date back. Like, come on, who the fuck do a six-month camp? Ya’ll trippin’. So what I’ma do…I’ma get the fuck up on outta here and go back to sleep ya’ll.

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