After the sexual harassment course: Pulev is ready to fight again

Kubrat Pulev is free to box again after completing a sexual harassment course for kissing a reporter on the lips.

After “The Cobra” beat Bogdan Dinu in Los Angeles on March 23, the Bulgarian was interviewed by female reporter Jenny “Sushe” Ravalo, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Promoter Bob Arum revealed the 38-year-old has completed the sexual harassment awareness course and expects Pulev to regain his licence by July 22.

“He has two things he had to do, one was take a course in sexual harassment which I accompanied with him to and got a certificate of completion”, Arum told iFL TV.

“Really, from the University, that’s true, and he did it, too.”

“Secondly was a symposium with the press on sexual harassment of women journalists and that was accomplished yesterday and the University reported to me that everything went extraordinarily well.”

“So that’s the second aspect that he had to comply with under the order of the Californian Commission.

“So I expect that his license will be fully restored at a July 22 meeting with the Commission.”

Ravalo held a press conference where she detailed the sexual assault, but Arum slammed the reporter:

“I got a kick out of her press conference. It shows the desperation on her part and the fact that what she has done.”

“Sexual harassment is a real problem, you and I know that, but what happened here the way that it’s been blown out of all proportion tends to trivialise real sexual harassment.”

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