Ahmed Krnjic defends his European WAKO PRO title at SENSHI

Ahmed Krnjic successfully defended his European Wako Pro title at SENSHI’s second edition that took place in Sofia, Bulgaria this past Saturday. The Bosnian faced one of the most notable Bulgarian kickboxers – 11-time national kickboxing and MMA champion Deyan Topalski in the co-main event of the night.

The weight limit of the bout was 88.6 kg and Krnjic’s title was on the line.

The 22-year-old Bosnian was relying heavily on his low kicks and he was managing to place them all night long. The 36-year-old Topalski didn’t have the answer for those massive low kicks, but his boxing was pretty good, given the fact that Krnjic is a southpaw. Krnjic jabs and punches were often missing, but his low and high kicks were unstoppable and it was obvious that the Bulgarian was having troubles defending himself.

In the last round Topalski was finally caught with some major blows to the head, followed by a nasty flying knee to the face and in the end, the judges gave Krnjic the win by UD (3:0).

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