Aikido techniques and harmony (VIDEO)

Techniques and all-encompassing harmony

Harmony is at the core of Aikido. That is the reason why the movements follow a natural sequence. After one well-defined movement, many subsequent movements can be added. They should be fluid, effortless.

Aikido controls the opponent in a secure, stable way; this is best achieved by using the force of the opponent’s attack.

The more fluid the motion, the better the technique. When it comes to mastering aikido techniques flexibility is key.

The essence of Aikido is the avoidance of direct aggressive confrontation.

Most people see Aikido as a way of achieving spiritual growth. Its practice contributes to stress release and can act as a form of psychotherapy. But it is not enough to view aikido only as a purely spiritual path. The end goal is to unite ki energy, spirit, and body. That is why Aikido consists of physical techniques training the body and mental techniques training the spirit.

Aikido is a way for those who seek the truth.

Bulgarian Aikido Federation

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