Alexander Emelianenko coaches Ramzan Kadyrov’s 12-year-old son

Alexander Emelianenko is keeping himself busy by training Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s 12year-old son in MMA. The popular Sambo and mixed fighter posted a video on social media of him training the boy.

Back in October 2016, Kadyrov hosted an MMA event to celebrate his 40th birthday and was heavily criticized for assigning fights to his three sons, of whom the oldest at the time was 11 years old and weighed 37 kilograms. The children worse no rash guards, no padding, nor protective headgear, reports MMA Mania.

Four years removed from that memorable incident, Kadyrov continues to allow his children to compete in non-sanctioned bouts. Adam Kadyrov, who was eight years old when he competed in his father’s MMA events, has since competed four times in boxing matches, most recently knocking out an opponent from Uganda with a liver-shot at the Time of Legends tournament in Moscow.

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