Alexander Povetkin: There’s power in the truth

Former world heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin has taken a stance on the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. It’s been five days since the Russian army attacked several Ukrainian cities.

The escalation of violence in Ukraine is being condemned by almost every European country, but according to Povetkin, there’s a reson why the Russian troops are in Ukraine.

He has taken to social media to post a picture of himself with a Russian flag behind him, and his eyebrow-raising caption sees him delve into what he believes to be the true reasons behind the invasion.

“There is power in the truth”, he wrote. ‘This famous phrase uttered by Sergey Bodrov today reflects the essence of what is happing in Ukraine.

‘We fought for the truth all these years, while Slavs were being exterminated in the Donbass.

‘That’s why I’m a member and his decision to stand up for common people, to fight back Nazism, which parasites at whose expense.

‘Every war has an end. Let’s hope this one end in the coming days too.’

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