Ali Abdelaziz denies UFC 249 will take place in Saudi Arabia

Manager Ali Abdelaziz is denying that UFC 249 will take place in Saudi Arabia despite speculation the event could be shifted there.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC has been forced to postpone UFC London, UFC Columbus, and UFC Portland. But UFC president Dana White has been adamant UFC 249 will take place, and he even says he has a location in mind for the event if it does go on as planned, only he’s not telling the media where that location may be. White is doing everything he can to save the event headlined by Abdelaziz’s client Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson for the UFC lightweight belt.

The oddsmakers recently revealed a list of possible locations for UFC 249, with fans getting the opportunity to bet on where the event will be held. In the lead is the state of Florida, but another option to be considered is the event taking place in Saudi Arabia. However, according to Abdelaziz, the event will not take place in Saudi Arabia as speculated.

Responding to UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya on Twitter, who said he thinks the event will take place in Saudi Arabia, Abdelaziz denied that will be the case.

‘You’re wrong’

Abdelaziz would seem to be in the know on the matter, considering Nurmagomedov is his star client and he should know where the event will be held. Considering the event is three weeks away from happening, you would think at this point the UFC would be close to announcing where the event will take place since White is adamant the show will go on. But if we are to believe what Ali Abdelaziz is saying, that location will not be in Saudi Arabia.

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