Alisher Karmenov beats Arushanyan again

A long-anticipated rematch between Armenia’s Artur Arushanyan and Kazakhstan’s Alisher Karmenov marked SENSHI 5 yesterday.

The event that took place at Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sports squared off two old foes who met for the first time back in 2019 at SENSHI Cup in Kamchiya.

The outcome of the bout was no different from the initial one – Karmenov got the victory via UD. The clash was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules and senpai Nikolay Atanasov.

It didn’t take long for the two fighters to go at each other. They both exchanged a lot of punches from a close distance, showcasing they are not afraid of their adversary’s power.

The Armenian fighter landed a few good kicks in the body of Karmenov at the beginning of Round 2, but things turned around quickly, as the Kazakh hit his opponent with a brutal left hook that sent him to the canvas.

There were three more knockdowns in the next two minutes, but somehow Arushanyan managed to get to the final round. It was clear he was gassed out and he started to look for the clinch, but Alisher was always delivering big blows when they were separated.

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