Amir Khan: Anthony Joshua can’t out-technical Tyson Fury, must go for the kill

In this interview with Fight Hype, Amir Khan says he’s most looking forward to a future showdown between British world champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Check out how he breaks down the matchup with some excerpts from the interview below.

Khan on what fight he really wants to see:

“Fury-Joshua, what a fight that would be” said Khan. “It’d be good for boxing, really…they both want to prove something: who the best is in the UK. It’s a UK fight, it’d be massive in the UK.

“They both want to prove a point, and they wanna prove who #1 is. And they’re both unbeaten. When you have two unbeaten fighters in there — it’s dangerous, man.”

Khan after being reminded that Joshua actually does have a pretty memorable loss in the recent past, and has since tried to adopt more of a boxing style:

“When it comes to technique and being technical, then I think you have Fury by a mile. I think AJ just has to go in there and go for the kill. I think he might be stronger, he might be a harder hitter, but he has to rough him up to win that fight. He can’t technically beat Fury. Fury is a tactician.”

On if he think Joshua actually has it in him to go straight for the kill against Fury:

“Hmmm…I don’t know. It’s hard to say, isn’t it? Because he’s gonna be a little bit — he’s been hurt before so it’s gonna be in the back of his mind. I’ve been hurt before, yeah. But then you have it in you as well that ‘I’m not bothered.’ I’ve been hurt before, I’ve been knocked out in fights before, but I still go for the kill. I’m not scared. So maybe he has that instinct, like ‘I’m not scared, I’m gonna go for it again.’”

On if pride might play a factor in that fight:

“Yeah, definitely…because they’re both from the UK. It makes it even bigger. See, we haven’t had a British fight like this since Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno fought…I think it could be like a World Cup final.”

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