Amir Khan expects Samuel Vargas to present a real challenge for Conor Benn

With Conor Benn set to square off with Samuel Vargas this weekend, Amir Khan (who previously fought Vargas himself), says he expects this to be a real fight for Benn, one he won’t easily walk through.

Khan had to peel himself off the deck to beat Vargas in 2018 and tells Sky Sports he thinks Vargas will present real challenges for Benn.

“I think it’s a massive step-up for Conor Benn. I think Conor will have his hands full in that fight. Since obviously after he fought me, he has been in one or two difficult fights, Samuel Vargas, and he’s been beat after I beat him. But I still think he’s a dangerous operator.”

Khan would continue by saying that he believes Benn is going to have to have it switched on at all times in the fight because Vargas is capable of changing things dramatically with one punch.

Benn himself says he’s not overlooking Vargas as an opponent and is aware of the danger he presents, which is exactly why he’s been preparing himself for — a ‘hell of a fight.’

And should Benn take this win in this outing, Khan is exactly the kind of name he’d like to go after next, also mentioning the likes of Kell Brook and Josh Kelly. But first Benn will need to take care of business this Saturday at Wembley Arena.

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