Anderson Silva’s son following in his dad’s footsteps (VIDEO)

There’s no doubt that Anderson Silva (34-10) is one of the greatest mixed martial artists who ever graced the Earth. The 44-years-old was a monster inside the cage, demolishing his opponents with style and finesse that won’t be duplicated any time soon.

The former UFC middleweight champion ruled the division for nearly 7 years, defending his title 10 times.

It seems though his 20-years-old son, Gabriel, is making his own name in the world of combat sports. The young blood competed at Californian event WCK 35 this past weekend. It was his first Muay Thai fight and Gabriel managed to get the W via TKO. Although there is no footage of the finish, Silva posted this clip from the first round of the bout.

“This is your achievement, my son. This is the proof that every dedication has its recognition, is the fruit of much struggle and determination, it is only the first step to a life full of merit, you can be sure !!! Now it’s about focus, keep training hard, the secret is to always do it for love !!
Congratulations … I’m proud, I’ve seen a lot of myself today in you, I’m happy and I think the certainty that I can really stop is closer! I love you Son … Bad Boys.”

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