Andrei Chekhonin scores another great KO at SENSHI 7

Andrei Chekhonin kept his unbeaten streak at the SENSHI fight night. The Russian fighter defeated Anwar Dira via KO in the second round of their bout that was conducted under the KWU Full Contact rules in the 85 kg category.

Dira was cautious in the beginning, as he was trying to not get too close to Chekhonin. Andrei was the one that was looking to get on the inside of his adversary and started unloading his best weapon – his devastating low kicks.

The second part began with a nice block by Dira, who it seemed was well prepared for Chekhonin’s low kicks. It was nobody’s fight until the very end of the round when all of a sudden Chekhonin landed two brutal hooks and his Dutch opponent laid down on the ground.

The special guest referee Semmy Schilt was quick to intervene and waved the bout off, as Dira needed assistance to get on his feet. That’s what happens when you are focused entirely on the low kicks and don’t pay attention to your opponent’s boxing skills.

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