Andrzej Drewniak congratulates Ivo Kamenov on the 15th International KWU Summer Camp

Poland’s Shihan Andrzej Drewniak offerred his greeting and gratitudes towards Shihan Ivo Kamenov – the executive director of the KWU International Professional League and Chairman of the National combat sports association in Bulgaria (NABS).

Drewniak, 9th dan, was in presence at the 5th KWU World Youth Cup that took place amid the 15th KWU International Summer Camp in Kamchia.

Drewniak gave the opening speech of the tournament, congratulating Shihan Kamenov on the 10th anniversery of the Kyokushin World Union and the continuing growth of the Summer Camp that is being held every single year since 2006.

“The Kyokushin World Union was established because we wanted to follown the philosophy and the rules of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama“, Drewniak said in his opening sentence.

“It’s very important for Kyokushin to be united. Moments like this one are so important – when we meet each other in order to exchange our unique experiences and problems with their answers.

“We are fighting for the future of kyokusin on the world. It is great to see you all here, together. The presence of so many participants here is the proof that we are on the right track.

“The founding of the professional fight nights SENSHI here in Bulgaria is another step in the right direction. I’d like to thank the man who made SENSHI possible – Ivo Kamenov. He is giving us opportunity to meet with each other more than 10 times now in this place we are today.

“I also want to thank all the judges, all supporters and all the fighters for coming here and making this event succesfull. Thank you for being here and I hope we’ll see you again next year”, Drewniak concluded.

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