Andy Ruiz Jr: I need to knockout Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr (32-1, 21 KO) is going to face the world heavyweight champion in WBA, IBF, and WBO – Anthony Joshua, this Saturday.

He spoke for “DAZN” hours before the bout. He answered whether or not he’s sensitive about being called fat:

“Yeah, at one point I was a little sensitive about it, when I was young. I was always this big kid, since I was a little kid. My first amateur fight, I was seven years old. There was no kids at my weight at that age, so I always had to fight older guys and men, because I was always a bigger guy than everybody else.

“It took a little bit to get used to it, but it kinda gave me the extra motivation to keep pursuing my dream. It would put me down at times, but I would just block out the negative to the side and just pursue me.”

“I just got done fighting Dimitrenko on April 20, so it wasn’t too far. I was already in shape. After we were done with that camp we pursued another camp, so I think it all came in place.”

Then he spoke about the difference in height:

“The movement, the speed, the pressure — all that’s going to come together. He’s never fought somebody that pressures him. I don’t know how he fights going backwards, but our job is just to stick to the game plan.”

“He’s tall. He’s a good fighter. I don’t have nothing bad to say about him. But with the speed that I have and the movement that I have, whatever he tries to do, it’s going to make it difficult for him.”

“I feel I do need to get the knockout. Hopefully we do get the knockout. If not, being busy, letting my hands go, throwing the combinations — we can win by decision.”

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