Andy Ruiz Jr wants bigger purse than $9M

Andy Ruiz Jr. said to be holding off on signing for his rematch with Anthony Joshua unless his purse is increased for the fight on December 7, says Mike Coppinger.

“Andy Ruiz Jr. isn’t expected to sign off on the rematch in Saudi Arabia unless he’s guaranteed a significantly higher purse than the approximately $9 million he’s guaranteed to fight Anthony Joshua again,” said Mike Coppinger. “DAZN is in the process of finalizing a deal to stream Ruiz – Joshua 2, but it’s not completed yet, so the fight won’t be promoted on tonight’s Ortiz-Orozco telecast.”

“Anthony Joshua sits outside Eddie Hearn’s lucrative multi-year deal with DAZN. There are two other networks making a push to acquire the rights to the heavyweight title rematch, but it would be shocking to see Ruiz – Joshua 2 land on another platform given Hearn’s relationship with DAZN. Appears to be a formality that DAZN will steam the fight.”

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