Andy Ruiz reveals what Anthony Joshua needs in order to beat Usyk

Former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz knows pretty damn well what it’s like to go to Saudi Arabia for a fight against Anthony Joshua. The American got beat by “AJ” in their rematch back in 2019, just six months after he knocked him out in New York.

Now Oleksandr Usyk will be defending his three belts against Joshua, who lost for a second time this past September by the hands of the Ukrainian fighter.

In a recent interview with iD Boxing, Ruiz admitted he didn’t prepare properly for the Joshua rematch and believes Usyk will fare better against the 2012 super heavyweight Olympic Gold medalist when they meet for a second time.

“If Usyk doesn’t do the same thing I did (he can win), I’m sure he doesn’t because he’s been on top of the game in cruiserweight and undisputed in cruiserweight,” Ruiz said.

“I think it could go either way. I know Anthony Joshua has a new trainer in Robert Garcia, he’s over there trying to show him the Mexican style to be aggressive, throw a lot of punches, to be first, to come at him.

“But Usyk is an awkward fighter, he’s an awkward lefty fighter, it’s why we picked a lefty as well in case we have to go through Usyk.

“Even in sparring it’s a little tricky but we adjust to it, I’m pretty sure if Anthony Joshua has been sparring a lot, because that’s exactly what helps us and having different styles in there, he can adjust.”

Ruiz himself returns to action in September when he takes on heavyweight veteran Luis Ortiz, but the 32-year-old is also interested in a trilogy fight against Joshua.

“Once he beat me over there, there should have been a trilogy. I should have had one more opportunity to get back those belts just like we gave him the opportunity with the rematch.

“Things happen, he lost again to Usyk and the best man wins.

“Of course, there has to be a trilogy. Even if he loses or wins, or if I lose or win, there has to be a trilogy some day and some how.”

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