Aoiyama claims another win at the Haru Basho in Tokyo

Bulgaria’s finest sumo wrestler Daniel Ivanov has claimed his 4th consecutive win at the ongoing Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

Aoiyama, who is Maegashira #12, defeated Maegashira #16 Daiamami via oshitaoshi in their bout on the 12th day of the competition.

Thanks to that triumph, Ivanos’s record reads 8-4, with only 7 other rikishis having the same record. Komusubi Takayasu is still leading the pack with a 10-2 record, with the Japanese needing one more win in order to capture his first-ever Top Division title.

On Friday, Ivanov is facing Maegashira #8 Tobizaru who has the same record as him.

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