Assen Hadjitodorov: Keep you and your families healthy!

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) President Assen Hadjitodorov has message in the COVID-19 situation.

The open letter is emotional about the coronavirus pandemic.

“I hope my letter finds you all well and strong. The situation with coronavirus is out of control worldwide,” Hadjitodorov states. “Due to the wide spread of the virus, we had to cancel many major events, national championships, international and even the biggest continental championships Europeans and Asians.
Unfortunately, we are now blocked, and we cannot attend our events or our training facilities.”

“I recommend you to strictly follow your authorities advices in order to protect yourself as much as you can and to happily meet healthy after this virus will be defeated. I hope in the next one or two months, the peak of the virus cycle to be reached, to return to our normal life and to our friends in armwrestling.”

“I encourage all armwrestlers to train individually and to prepare for the season restart. Keep you and your families healthy! I wish you all the best, stay strong, stay healthy, may God bless you and keep you protected”, the WAF President Assen Hadjitodorov said.

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