Atanas Bozhilov after SENSHI 5: That one was for Bulgaria (VIDEO)

The skipper of Bulgaria’s national kickboxing team – Atanas Bozhilov, made his first successful world WAKO PRO belt defense, defeating Portugal’s Adolfo Barao at SENSHI 5.

The Bulgarian stayed true to his style – fighting smart and pressuring at all times, not necessarily going for the KO. The fight against Barao went the distance with Bozhilov dictating the action between the ropes.

Here’s what Atanas had to say after the fight:

“I was the one controlling the fight. I instantly knew he had seen tapes of mine because he knew a lot of my moves. He came prepared, kudos to him. But I think once again I showcased who I really am inside the ring and I managed to get the W for Bulgaria.

“I was busy with the low kicks. His right leg took a lot of damage, but he stood there for 5 rounds. He was switching stances, but I was close to getting the job done before the final bell”, Bozhilov said about Barao.

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