Atanas Bozhilov with another top notch performance at SENSHI 7

Bulgaria’s Atanas Bozhilov defeated Serbia’s Slobodan Mijalovic via UD at SENSHI 7. The skipper of the Bulgarian kickboxing national team successfully defended his WAKO PRO World title (K-1) in the 71.8 kg category.

Bozhilov started the fight great and shooked his opponent twice in the opening round. The Bulgarian was doing his 1-2 combos and was trying to finish with the low kick. Textbook fighter they say.

The Serbian fighter had no answer for Bozhilov’s nasty strikes, but he managed to land some big hits of his own and surprisingly or not, Bozhilow got knocked down in the middle of the second round.

Things got even in the third round when Atanas returned the favor and knocked down Mijalovic after a tremendous combo that finished with a right cross.

Bozhilov landed some heavy body kicks in the 4th, as the pace of the fight was starting to get low. The Serbian fighter was once again knocked down as it was clear his fatigue was no match for Bozhilov.

The final five minutes saw the Burgas’s finest doing what he does best – finishing strong. Atanas was still the more active fighter and got inside for a nice sweep of his adversary who once again fell on the canvas.

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