Australian SAMBO Coaches Pass FIAS Online Certification

At the beginning of April, the International SAMBO Federation tested a mixed (online plus offline) certification format for specialists in Brazil, and at the end of the same month, for the first time in history, it conducted certification of SAMBO coaches from Australia completely online. Details about the features, results and prospects of the new approach to certification can be found in the review of the FIAS website.

“We announced in advance that this is a special format for passing the exam and only those who are really capable of applying for the title of 1st level coach should take part,” says FIAS sports director Dmitry Maksimov.

According to him, the National SAMBO Federation of Australia received many applications from those wishing to take part in the certification. Only 7 specialists passed the selection process on the ground.

The lucky ones who managed to get into the coveted list met with their mentors and future examiners via online video link. FIAS Executive Director Sergey Tabakov and FIAS Sports Director Dmitry Maksimov conducted an introductory theoretical lesson for Australian coaches and provided them with methodological materials, including the necessary photos and videos. Further, all preparations for the seminar were carried out by the participants independently – in accordance with the Regulations.

Australia became the first country where the FIAS certification took place in an online format. According to Dmitry Maksimov, seminars on the same principle are planned to be held in the Republic of Korea in the near future. The National SAMBO Federation of this country sent an application to FIAS, and now local specialists are actively preparing for the exams.

“The process of organizing online certification is extremely transparent: a national federation submits an application to the International SAMBO Federation and, if necessary, receives methodological materials from FIAS. This is followed by the process of preparing trainers for the exam and certification itself. Thanks to the online format, we increase the speed of exams and reduce their cost. Participants can take the exam from their club, in their favorite SAMBO uniform, without spending extra time and money on travel. However, I repeat: you won’t be able to learn SAMBO from pictures. You need to have an idea about this sport. And in Australia it worked, because local experts had sambist experience,” Dmitry Maksimov sums up.

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