Badr Hari leaves coach Mike Passenier

Badr Hari leaves his coach Mike Passenier. The 34-year-old kick boxer says he has made the decision to leave his trainer because he “wants to step out of his comfort zone to get the best out of himself.”

The Amsterdammer wants to become world champion again.

Hari recently signed a contract with GLORY for six matches, naturally aiming for a rematch against Rico Verhoeven.

Here is what he posted on Instagram:

“I hereby would like to announce the end of my collaboration with my trainer, Mike Passenier.

I want to pay tribute to Mike for his amazing, successful work alongside me for so many years and to thank him for his professionalism, his loyalty and for the lessons he taught me in kick-boxing.

My decision is guided by my strong will for development. Outstanding accomplishments do not come from comfort zones.
Following the recent six fight agreement signed with Glory, my ambition is to become the next Heavy Weight Champion.

I assure all my fans that I am at the highest level of motivation, confidence and competitiveness. – Succes and nothing less. –
I will be announcing my new trainer in the upcoming weeks. Badr Hari”

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