Bernard Hopkins to Roy Jones Jr: We can settle the rubber match

Bernard Hopkins has a message to Roy Jones Jr. that the two can break the 1-1 tie they have by facing each other in a rubber match in Russia. Hopkins believes that his win over Jones in 2010 was a bitter pill for him to swallow, and he’s having nightmares still about the defeat.

“RJ, rooster man. Whether he’s rooster man or RJ,” said Bernard Hopkins to Fighthub about Roy Jones Jr. “I’m going to pluck his feathers if he’s rooster, and I’m going to change his R to a JR., because he is a Jr. We can settle the rubber match. I think it was a great idea that was brought to me by some high powered people in Russia. Legitimate people, as my team researched. If Roy is serious, and can meet me halfway to where he is now. I don’t care where he’s at. If I’ve got to go up, I’ll go up halfway. He’s got to come down, and we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do.

“We’ll settle the score in the rubber match, and guess what I’ll call it? ‘The rubber match,’ because he’s always having nightmares of me redeeming myself 10+ years ago. He really didn’t like that. If their serious like I heard, then the next couple of weeks leading up to 2020, stay tuned. There will be more information to determine the credibility to tell whether this is a promotional stunt whether it’s serious,” said Hopkins.



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