Biceps workout at home (VIDEO)

Biceps brachii is latin for “two-headed muscle of the arm”. The biceps attach across two joints (the elbow and the shoulder), making it serve a few various functions. First, the biceps can contract to create both elbow and shoulder flexion. Additionally, the biceps are also responsible for the supination of the wrist (palms up).

The biceps is key not only for increased arm size but for grip and pulling strength and overall health of the connective tissues that support the elbows in gymnastics, deadlifts, cleans, etc.

There is an old saying that in combat sports the triceps can get you KO’d, but the biceps can produce the speed for the punch.

That’s why we found one super useful video of a biceps workout that is being made at home which means you don’t need any weights or gym equipment.


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