Bigfoot Silva set to face kickboxer with a 102-9-1 record despite being on an 10-fight losing streak

Bigfoot Silva will be returning to kickboxing and has a tough opponent in front of him.

Silva, who competed in the UFC from 2012 to 2016, has struggled as of late and has been bouncing between MMA, kickboxing, boxing, and BKFC. His last win was against Soa Palelei at UFC 190 in 2015. Since then, he has lost 10 fights in a row and will headline Mix Fight Championship against Zabit Samedov who’s 102-9-1.

Bigfoot Silva’s losing streak started at UFC 193 as he was knocked out by Mark Hunt and was then knocked out by Stefan Struve and Roy Nelson before getting released by the UFC. He then fought in Russia and dropped a decision against Ivan Shtyrkov and was then knocked out by Vitaly Minakov.

Silva then went to kickboxing and was knocked out by Rico Verhoeven and turned to BKFC and was KO’d by Gabriel Gonzaga. He has since lost three more times – two in MMA and one in boxing – with all three coming by KO. Although many have been critical of Silva still fighting, his former manager was also critical in promotions even booking him and claims Silva only wanted money.

“You cannot defend a man from his own self,” Davis wrote. “I did my very best. The plan was for him to stop fighting 8 kos ago. He made the $. I let go at that point, could not be a part of this. But he always goes in with a big heart and never reminisces on a loss.”

As for Silva’s opponent, Zabit Samedov is on a 20-fight win streak and hasn’t lost since 2013 when he dropped a decision to Badr Hari. However, he then KO’d Hari just two months later. In his career, he has notable wins over Hari, Melvin Manhoef, Ray Sefo, and Vitor Miranda among others.

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