Blagoy Ivanov knows his next opponent in UFC

The bulgarian mixed martial artist Blagoy “Bagata” Ivanov (16-2-0) is in full preparation mode for his next fight in UFC.

Nobody knew who the next adversary of Ivanov will be until yesterday, when one of his closest friend – Rssen Dimitrov, announced that Blagoi will face the american veteran Ben Rothwell (36-10-0).

“Blagoy is super motivated and works hard every day. Ben Rothwell is a dangerous guy, but I think “Bagata” will edge him. The american hits hard, but Blagoy is going to outsmart him”, said Dimitrov, who is a former teammate of Blagoy in the bulgarian national sambo team.

Ivanov made his debut in UFC last year, but he lost the contest with Junior dos Antos via decision.

It’s pretty interesting that the last fight of Rothwell was in 2016 against Dos Antos and the brasilian legend won that fight as well. After that, the american was suspended for 2 years due to a failed drug test.

Most likely, the fight will be scheduled for March or April.

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