Bob Arum believes Canelo shouldn’t fight GGG

Top Rank CEO and one of the most famous promoters in the history of boxing – Bob Arum made a bold statement regarding a third potential fight between Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

It’s mandatory to point out the fact that both Canelo and GGG are part of team DAZN which is a rivalry company to ESPN and Top Rank. Arum believes that the Mexican champion shouldn’t be granting the wish of the Kazakh for a trilogy because of the comments Golovkin made about the failed drug test of Alvarez.

Another reason for such a bizarre statement is the fact that Sergey Kovalev and Saul Alvarez were close to signing a deal for a September fight, but the negotiating process took too long and the bout didn’t materialize.

Image: БТА

“Canelo wanted to fight Kovalev,” said Arum to Fighthhub.

“Kovalev has a fight next Saturday, which will be on ESPN+ at 9 o’clock Pacific Time, 12:00 o’clock Eastern Time. If they hadn’t crapped around initially with the fight, it would have been done, and we could have got out of the Yarde fight, Kovalev would be fighting Canelo on September 14, but that didn’t happen.

“So now with Kovalev fighting next week, the hope is that Kovalev wins and comes through, and they’ll do the Canelo fight with Kovalev, which is a tremendous fight for November. Two weight classes [Canelo will be moving up]. That’s why it’s such a good fight [Canelo vs. Kovalev], because it’s so competitive, and you’ve got to admire Canelo’s balls for doing it,” said Arum.

“If I were Canelo sitting where Canelo is, I would tell GGG to go screw himself, and never fight him, because of what GGG did with that drug thing. What he said about Canelo is unconscionable, and I really give Canelo a lot of props for telling GGG, ‘go screw yourself.’ Even if it’s a lot of money, ‘go screw yourself,’” Arum added.

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