Bob Arum: Lomachenko is ready to come out to fight for the lightweight title

Promoter Bob Arum thinks that Vasiliy Lomachenko will return to the boxing ring if the stakes are high enough.

The three-division titlist from Ukraine recently put his boxing career on hold in order to help defend his country from the ongoing Russian invasion. He was proposed a fight with three-belt lightweight champion George Kambosos, but joined his country’s military.

“The town he lives in is 10 kilometers north of Odessa,” Arum said. “There hasn’t been much shelling or everything that far north, but, again, Lomachenko is in uniform and he’s doing his part in defending his country from Russian aggression.”

Arum noted that Egis Klimas, Lomachenko’s longtime manager, has been in constant communication with his charge and that Lomachenko expressed to Klimas a desire to fight for the undisputed lightweight championship.

“I haven’t talked to him directly because English is not his first language obviously,” Arum said. “Egis Klimas talks to him twice a week and I get my information from Egis.

“Egis believes that Lomachenko is ready to come out if there was an opportunity to fight for the lightweight title.”

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