Bogdan Shumarov: Maikel Astur is a big challenge

The popular website Kickboxing Z got special interview with Bogdan Shumarov, one of the top young talents in Bulgarian kickboxing.

Shumarov faces the biggest match of his career this weekend when he meets Estonia’s Maikel Astur for the WAKO Pro European K-1 Title (75 kg). The Shumarov-Astur title match headlines the SENSHI 5 gala taking place Saturday in Varna, Bulgaria (streaming free on Fite TV and

It’s another challenge for Shumarov, who impressively defeated Dutch-Moroccan fighter Ilyas Boukyoua on points at SENSHI 2 last April. The fighter has been in serious preparation for the bout with Astur, and visited the Kyshenko Gym in Barcelona, Spain for a brief training camp.

Q: For those not familiar with your background, how did you get started in kickboxing? What made you decide to become a professional?

Bogdan Shumarov: I started training kickboxing when I was 13 years old. Ever since my foot step in the training hall for the first time, I loved it and I knew that I have to become a pro fighter.

Q: Next Saturday, you’ll be facing Maikel Astur of Estonia for the WAKO Pro European K-1 Title. What are your thoughts on facing Astur for the title?

Bogdan Shumarov: I don’t know what will happen on the ring – a fighter can only suspect. However, I’m sure of one thing – it will be a very interesting bout and a hard clash of two fighting styles. I have watched my opponent’s previous fights and he is definitely a big challenge.

Q: I recall you were unable to fight Suliman Kosumov at SENSHI 4 last October because of injury. How is the injury now? Did you have to miss a lot of training time?

Bogdan Shumarov: Yes, unfortunately I had to miss that bout, I was really expecting it. I’m fine now. I had to rest from trainings for few months, but I managed to fully recover and I’m all ready to give my best at the ring.

Q: You’ve had some matches overseas where the decision went against you in close fights. Does that inspire you to fight more aggressively?

Bogdan Shumarov: Yes, it definitely motivates me to more aggressive on the ring. And I can’t wait to face these opponents again.

Q: I understand you went with a teammate to Spain for a short training camp with Team Kyshenko in Barcelona. How was the experience?

Bogdan Shumarov: The training camp went great. I had the opportunity to exchange experience from one of the best fighters in our sport and I was lucky to receive very precious advices, which I’m sure will help me improve my game.

KickboxingZ: That’s all the questions I have for now. I wish you good luck on Saturday.

Bogdan Shumarov: Thank you and thank your readers for appreciating the combat sports! I’m sure that this time as well SENSHI will be amazing – don’t miss us. If you can’t come to Varna, you can watch us live for free at FITE TV and

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