Bogdan Shumarov wins in his debut at “No Strike No Life”

One of Bulgaria’s best kickboxing artists – Bogdan Shumarov will definitely remember his “No Strike No Life” debut that took place this Thursday in Dijon, France.

Shumarov (71 kg) had to face the Dutch Damian Ori in the semi-final, but Ori didn’t show up for the match and Bogdan went straight to the final, where he faced the winner of the other semi-final between Furkan Karabag form Turkey and Elkhan Aliyev from Azerbaijan.

The Turk managed to make his way to the final, but Shumarov displayed his excellent skills and thanks to his mobility and power kicks he demolished Furkan.

Here you can see the final bout in the 71 kg category. (skip to 18:20)

Публикувахте от в Четвъртък, 7 март 2019 г.


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