Boxing show takes place in Nicaragua with COVID-19 restrictions

Last night in Managua, Nicaragua, boxing went ahead, but not like normal or even close to it. Fans were in the stands, but were wearing masks, asked to sit no closer than one meter apart, and had temperature checks before being allowed into the building.

Referees and judges wore masks, TV camera operators and photographers, too. Trainers and others in the corners also wore masks, and fighters didn’t take theirs off until they were actually in the ring.

About 800 fans were expected at the Alexis Arguello Sports Complex — about 10 percent of the arena’s capacity — for a show headlined by an eight-round lightweight rematch between Robin Zamora and Ramiro Blanco, a pair of club fighters who first met last October, with Zamora winning a second round TKO.

In last night’s fight, Zamora (16-7, 8 KO) took the win on the cards, with scores of 77-75, 77-75, and 78-74, Blanco (18-8-3, 10 KO) suffering his fifth straight defeat.

More notable than any action on the card, though, was just the way this all came together, and the fact that the show happened at all.

Bigger promoters around the world are considering ways to get their fighters active this summer behind closed doors and without fans in attendance; a show like this one won’t be expected in the United States, United Kingdom, or Japan, for instance, any time soon.


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