Brilliant Georgi Doychev beats Ruslan Nasibulin at SENSHI 7

The first battle of the SENSHI 7 fight card was one for the ages.

The event began with a fight between Bulgaria’s Georgi Doychev and Belarus’s Ruslan Nasibulin. The bout was conducted under the KWU SENSHI rules in the -80 kg category.

Doychev, who was making his SENSHI debut, scored a first-round TKO win after he knocked down his opponent three times in the opening part.

The 27-year-old Bulgarian was calm and collected in the first seconds of the fight. Both fighters exchanged some blows and all of a sudden Nasibuin found himself on the ground. Doychev’s showcased unbelievable defense and slipped under one of Nasibulin’s punches just to throw a lighting left hook of his own that landed right on the chin of his adversary.

The Belarusian fighter got up but after another 5-6 seconds, he was on the canvas again after a brilliant Ushiro mawashi geri to the head.

The symbolic guest showed heart and stood up again just to absorb another portion of heavy blows that saw Sensei Zahari Damyanov waving off the bout.

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