Broner On Prograis Fight: I Don’t See That Next

Adrien Broner expects to fight a more known opponent than Jovanie Santiago next.

Regis Prograis is the potential opponent that has been mentioned most, but Broner doesn’t think he’ll face him.

“Um, maybe not next,” Broner said during a post-fight press conference early Sunday morning. “I don’t see that next. But if it do come next, it don’t matter. It don’t matter. I’m gonna win. I’m gonna f–k buddy up.”

The 31-year-old Broner thinks their fight eventually will happen, even if it’s not next.

“Prograis, like I always tell everybody, and I always tell everybody this – he keep yelling my name, and he’s doing what he’s supposed to do,” Broner said. “You know, when I was coming up, you know, I was calling everybody out. He’s only doing what he’s supposed to do, but like I always tell him, just keep doing your thing. I wish him nothing but the best. Every time he fight, I hope he win. But like I said, man, if he get in the ring with me, I’m gonna f–k him up.”

“I don’t think AB is scared of me, I won’t say that,” Prograis said. “He fought Pacquiao, he fought [Shawn] Porter, he fought [Marcos] Maidana. As a man, I don’t think he’s scared to fight me. As a businessman, I think he’s scared to mess up whatever he has planned. Like, he’s not scared of me as a person, but I do think he’s scared to get in the ring with me at this point in his career.”

“He doesn’t want to fight me now because it’s too much risk for him. But with Al Haymon involved with both of us now, maybe after [the Santiago] fight, we get to a point where it’s still a risk for him, but a lot of reward. He’ll get in the ring if he gets whatever he’s asking for – $10 million, $5 million, $3 million. I do think it’s still a big fight, one of the biggest at 140. So, I get why Broner’s doing what he’s doing, but I do believe a fight between me and him will definitely happen.”

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