Bulgarian Asparuh Totev is provisionally suspended

The European Armwrestling Federation reports that Bulgarian athlete Asparuh Totev and four more athletes have returned an Adverse Analytical Finding in connection with the 2019 European Armwrestling & Para-Armwrestling Championship.

They are provisionally suspended in view of a potential anti-doping rule violation.

In any case where it is determined that the athlete/s did not commit an anti-doping rule violation, the relevant decision will also be published.

The EAF will not make any further comments on the case until it is closed.

Full list of athletes:

1. Arroyo Ricard – Spain
2. Chamalakis Stelios – Greece
3. Fazekas Andrea – Hungary
4. Torseeva Natalia – Russia
5. Totev Asparuh – Bulgaria

Source: EAF Anti-Doping Committee

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