Caleb Plant questions Canelo Alvarez’s desire to unify titles with him

After recent reports surfaced that negotiations to stage a super middleweight unification between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant have reached an impasseCaleb Plant decided to speak up for himself to ESPN reporter Mike Coppinger, accusing Canelo of wanting every detail of the contract catered to his liking.

“Canelo was offered the highest guarantee of his career,” Plant told Coppinger. “He was set to make $40 million plus Mexican TV rights and his Hennessy sponsorship. No problem, let’s fight. We gave it to him. Then they wanted upside of gate and PPV revenue; no problem, let’s rumble.

“It was always agreed that it was a [title] unification; no rematch for either fighter. Towards the end of negotiations they asked for a rematch when they lose. No problem, you can have the rematch as well, I just wanna fight.

“I question whether his legacy or money is their real motive. We’ve been waiting for him to get done with this wedding, shooting his TV shot, his golf tournament, and now have tried to give him everything he wants and more to make this fight.”

As of now the prospects for Canelo-Plant are looking pretty grim but in this sport everything can change on a dime and who knows, tomorrow they could be formally announcing the fight. As of right now, though, things aren’t exactly in a good place which could mean Canelo and Plant end up taking on other opponents.

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