Chaos at the Paulie Malignaggi-Artem Lobov press conference (VIDEO)

If you thought that the bad blood between the former two-weight boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi and former UFC fighter Artem Lobov is just for the cameras well… think again.

Malignaggi and Lobov are scheduled to face each other at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 6 on June 22 and yesterday they held their opening press conference and things got out of control.

Lobov, 32, is one of the closest buddies of Conor McGregor who had multiple sparring sessions with Paulie prior his exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather back in 2017.  Multiple sources then said that the Irish MMA star schooled the Malignaggi, but some time ago John Kavanagh said that that wasn’t the whole truth and that Paulie held his ground.

Since then though, the American boxer is non-stop jabbing at “The Notorious” and his crew and when Lobov and “Magic Man” both signed with BKFC earlier this year, it was inevitable that sooner or later they will go toe-to-toe.

Yesterday when the 38-years-old boxer and “The Russian Hammer” met in front of the cameras, Malignaggi tried to hit Lobov with the mic and even threatened his adversary that he’ll break his teeth and pee in his mouth.

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