Civil suit against Conor McGregor dropped for phone smashing incident

All signs are pointing to Conor McGregor coming to a settlement in regards to a civil suit filed against him in Florida last month. Both TMZ and ESPN are reporting that Ahmed Abdirzak, who had been suiting McGregor for $15,000 in damages over the incident, has dropped the suit, which was dismissed with prejudice.

That usually means a settlement has been decided upon. McGregor is still facing criminal charges over the incident, but those were reduced in recent days.

McGregor allegedy stole the man’s cell phone outside a nightclub and smashed it.

The probable settlement is just one thing off the plate of McGregor, who has been racking up headlines in recent weeks. He is currently being investigated over a bar fight in Dublin on the weekend, and is still the subject of a probe into a sexual assault from earlier this year.

McGregor recently announced his retirement from MMA, though many question how real that is. He has also spent the last few weeks alternating between complimenting and insulting fellow fighters, getting into a particularly nasty spat with the man that defeated him at UFC 229, Khabib Nurmagomedov.


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