Co-chairman of KWU Yuri Trutnev honored with 6th Dan

On December 8, 2019, the annual Kyokushin World Union Board Meeting was held with the participation of shihan Yuri Trutnev, shihan Ivo Kamenov, shihan Antonio Pinero, shihan Hatsuo Royama, shihan David Pickthall, shihan Andre Drewniak, shihan Ramil Gabbasov and shihan Aleksandr Pichkunov. The meeting adopted the annual report of the Secretary General of KWU A. Pichkunov and discussed the most important topics related to World Karate and outlined an action plan for the coming years.

Shihan Yuri Trutniev was honored 6th dan for tremendous work for the development of Kyokushin in the world, a visionary approach to modern Kyokushin and organizational support for KWU around the world. On behalf of KWF, the certificate and belt were handed to him by the President of KWF Antonio Pinero.

Shihan Yuri Trutnev and  Antonio Pinero

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