Compilation of brutal low kicks in Muay Thai (VIDEO)

The importance of proper low kicks in muay thai goes without saying. There’s an old saying – chop the base and the whole tree will fall.

Targeting your opponent’s leg will no doubt make him feel uncomfortable and if you are calm and persistent enough, soon or later you’ll get the result you are looking for.  It can be a leg injury, or you can use low kicks in order for him to blow his defense, so you can switch the levels on his body.

When you target your opponent’s legs with a low kick, you can make them unstable, decrease their mobility and cause loss of dexterity. By repeatedly targeting the thighs or other parts in the lower leg, you can damage your opponent’s muscle tissue, ligaments, joints, and bones.

Check out this awesome compilation and you’ll see for yourself how much of a game-changer the low kick can be.

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